MKCommander alias MKC

MKCommander (MKC) is file commander / manager / explorer for Android devices. At this time Android 2.1 and higher are supported as Android 2.1+ represent majority of devices.

MKC now available at Play, Slideme and Amazon

Few screenshots :
mkc1 home single7 th MKCommander alias MKC mkc1 home single6 th MKCommander alias MKC mkc1 home single th MKCommander alias MKC mkc new phone homescreen sexy th MKCommander alias MKC
More screenshots here


  • nice introductory tutorial
  • nice UI, intuitive UI
  • highly customizable – colors, toolbar buttons, list/row layouts, fullscreen mode
  • single or dual panel view
  • multiple row/grid layouts
  • color customization, color highlighting of files
  • selection on tap, by ext, selection between 2 points! or with dialog
  • storage analysis
  • bookmarks, directory history
  • advanced picture viewer with capability to browse/show pictures in ZIP, thumbnails
  • internal text viewer, music player with equalizer
  • file finder
  • file transfer over Bluetooth (if device supports BT)
  • log viewer
  • individual folder settings
  • ZIP support – u can browse ZIP archives (incl. picture preview), ImageViewer can browse/view pictures in ZIP archives
  • direct access to Application manager, Task manager and Power status directly from MKC
  • FTP, SMB, experimental root functions
  • English, Russian, Czech localization so far
  • detailed Help page

Questions and Answers (Q & A) :

Developement history :

Translations :
Russian – Alex (G+, email)

Primary download – Google Play:

  1. MKC – is optimized fo easier single panel user interface
  2. MKC HD – is optimized for advanced users, dual panel GUI

Alternative download – SlideMe market:

Alternative download – Amazon market:

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